Best of Life - Ashton Wylie Book Award Nominee 2013 Sold Out


Nominated for Ashton Wylie Book Awards 2013

Best of Life is written by Christchurch author, Nanny A. van den Oever. "A personal guide for the most important person in my life - ME"
"A practical guide helping you to live your OWN Best Life. Open the book and FEEL self-empowered."
This is an excellent book on Numerology, but also so much more. It is truly a guide to living the best possible life. The text mingles with beautiful full coloured photos that make the reader relaxed and feeling good. It also has many blank pages on which to write your thoughts as you read through it.
Nanny says it is a book for every day. A book that can be picked up, and fall open at any page, to begin reading it. It doesn't have to be read from front to back. You can pick it up and turn to any page if you have five minutes to spare, or read a whole section if you have all day.
She likens it to your mother's favourite recipe book, with notes scrawled on the side, throughout. Hence the reason for the blank pages, so you, too, can write notes as you go.

Price: NZ$40.00