Quartz, Fairy (Cactus or Spirit)

These little Fairy Quartz clusters are very cute. Most of them stand up, rather than having to lie down. Some have one point, some two points. Some are a delicate purple colour, others are Citrine. Fairy Quartz is formed by small druzy Quartz crystals growing on the sides of a larger 'host' Quartz crystal, very often Amethyst.

Size: 20mm - 30mm

Metaphysical attributes: Along with general properties of Quartz and Amethyst, Fairy Quartz symbolises patience and perseverance, and can be used to assist in providing one protection from mental and physical harm.
It has been used for astral projection and for dreaming. Placing one or more under your pillow at night can increase and intensify the dream state. These crystals are also excellent for use in meditation.

Price: NZ$15.00