Quartz, Jacinto de Compostela (Red Quartz)

These small (often star) clusters of red quartz were found in Valencia, Spain. They were named after pilgrims travelling to Santiago de Compostela, who carried them from other parts of Spain, and used them as a kind of talisman, as early as the 9th century, although the mineral does not occur in Santiago de Compostela itself.
In Spanish mineralogical literature, the name is traditionally used exclusively for the red-brown (hematite-included) variety of authigenic quartzes from continental gypsum-bearing marls of the Triassic Keuper formation, a sequence of rock strata in west and central Europe. These were deposited about 220 million years ago.

These red quartz crystals are still carried today by travellers as a talisman of good luck. They carry both the healing properties of Quartz and Hemetite, making them a strong energising crystal and very grounding.

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