Agate, Polyhedroid

Polyhedroid Agates are one of nature’s great unexplained formations. They were only found for a short time in the 1970’s and only in one location in the world, Paraiba State, Brazil, making them very rare.
These unusual, but stunning agates formed in geometric pattern shapes rather than the more common round or oval agate shape. Geologists still have not come to an agreement on how these formations came about. The most agreed upon formation theory seems to be that the sharp geometric shapes are thought to have been formed in the voids between interlaced crystals of Barite, or possibly Calcite crystal formations.
The agate nodules can be solid or hollow and most have distinct, colourful fortification agate bands that follow the typically triangular or trapezoidal shape of the Polyhedroid Agate.

These are small slices of Polyhedroid agates, polished both sides. They measure about 20mm

Price: NZ$20.00