Moldavite Mineral

Moldavite Approx 4gm per piece.
The price is for one piece.

Moldavite first appeared on Earth 14.6m years ago, as a result of a large meteorite strike. The meteor crater, Ries Crater, is in Germany, however, Moldavite fell in the Moldau Valley in Czechslovakia (now Czech Republic).
it is still unclear as to its exact origins, although is thought to be extraterrestial in composition.
These beautiful green gems are among the rarest minerals on Earth. They have been prized for thousands of years and are still given as gifts from royalty to royalty. Moldavite is believed to be the green stone in the Holy Grail.
When holding Moldavite, many people feel its energy as a form of heat, or a tingling or pulsing in their hand. Others feel a rush of energy through their body.
Moldavite helps manifest positive life changes, can activate the Dream State, and uses its high vibrational energy to open all chakras.
Moldavite is one of the few crystals that never need cleansing.

All of our Moldavite is guaranteed to be genuine.

Price: NZ$140.00