Talking to Heaven

Talking to Heaven - Mediumship cards by James Van Praagh

Losing a loved one is one of life’s most painful experiences, because grief is a complicated mixture of emotions and insights. You miss the person’s physical presence, touch, and voice. You hold regrets, and wish that you could talk with your loved one again. You worry whether everything is okay and how he or she feels about you.

Through these Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards, I hope to ease your pain. I am a medium who has the ability to communicate across the veil … as do you! Everyone has spiritual gifts that allow them to hear the voice of heaven, including God, Jesus, angels, and departed loved ones. But when your heart is grief-stricken, your feelings and intuition are numbed. This numbing effect is a merciful way of helping you cope during a painful transition. Unfortunately, though, under these circumstances it’s difficult to hear messages from the Spirit World and feel heaven’s comforting presence.

My prayer is that these cards will start a healing and loving conversation between you and your friends and family members in heaven. Once you start the flow of contact, you and your loved ones will be able to communicate without the use of cards or other tools.

Even though life after death has not been provable by current scientific methods, researchers have lots of evidence to support its validity. For example, Dr. Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia conducted many studies on dream visitations from departed loved ones, as well as near-death experiences. His conclusions were that human consciousness survives the body’s physical death and that our deceased loved ones really do visit us in our dreams.

I'm not here to convince anyone about the existence of life after death; rather, my aim is to provide comfort in the form of these mediumship cards. Oracle cards are a time-honoured way to seek guidance and cultivate a connection to the Divine, and in this deck, I’ve focused upon opening up a conversation with departed loved ones (which is known as mediumship). Since I have had my own painful experiences with grief, I was guided to create the cards that I would have loved to have had while going through the grieving process.

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