Natural 1-2Kg Himalayan Salt Lamp

Enhance your environment – salt lamps are naturally beautiful and create a warm, ‘feel good’ atmosphere in your home or office.

Himalayan crystal rock salt was deposited millions of years ago, when a vast ancient ocean evaporated away, leaving the distinctive, mineral-rich pink salt behind. Our lamps are hand excavated and shaped into various sizes, then drilled inside to accommodate a light source. These beautiful lamps are said to purify the air, aiding various health conditions including asthma, allergies and other respiratory ailments. They can be used in every room, safely, and should be left on as often as possible.
Each lamp comes with a switch lead and a bulb.

Shape: Natural
Weight: 1 - 2 kg
Height: Approx 18cm - 23cm

The picture is indicative of what we stock. You may not get this particular lamp, but a similar lamp in the same weight bracket. Colours can vary from pale orange to dark orange.

Approximate shipping cost within NZ: $9.00

Price: NZ$25.00