Auralite 23 Tumbled

This very popular crystal is seldom seen as a tumbled stone. Aralite 23 has been scientifically proven as the world's oldest crystal gemstone which developed more than 1.2 billion years ago, while the first signs of life appeared on earth. Each crystal reflects its own journey frozen in time. Within this family of crystals, scientists have identified 23 earth elements and minerals. The average crystal contains at least 17 of the following: 1) Titanite 2) Cacoxenite 3) Lepidocrosite 4) Ajoite 5) Hematite 6) Magnetite 7) Pyrite 8) Goethite 9) Pyrolusite 10) Gold 11) Silver 12) Platinum 13) Nickel 14) Copper 15) Iron 16) Limonite 17) Sphalerite 18) Covellite 19) Chalcopyrite 20) Gialite 21) Epidote 22) Bornite 23) Rutile. The name Auralite derived from the Northern Aurora Borealis Lights, commonly known as the Northern Lights.

Country of origin: Canada
Size: 15mm - 25mm

Metaphysical attributes: Auralite 23 engenders sensations of peace and tranquility in the mind, and brings awareness of a sense of being in the presence of the sacred. It brings a quality of inner focus that facilitates deep meditation. The mind is quieted and calmed, the emotional body is stilled.

Price: NZ$8.00