Calcite, Clear (Optical Calcite, Iceland Spar)

These clear Calcite tumbled stones are optical calcite, meaning they are double refracted. Place them over any writing and you will notice that there are two of everything.

Size: 20mm - 25mm

Metaphysical attributes: Optical Calcite carries a very high and unique vibration. It works to clear and activate all of the chakras, improving the flow of energy throughout the subtle bodies. Meditation with Optical Calcite can help to improve one's perception of the physical world and of the self, uplifting negative emotions. Optical Calcite can be used to clear away negative energy, and to amplify positive energy, and help remove fear-based emotions, bringing more optimism into play.
Optical Calcite is helpful for those in need of clarity. Optical Calcite can amplify intent, and can be programmed for a specific purpose.

Price: NZ$2.50