Crystal Ally Cards Out of Stock

Crystal Ally Cards by Naisha Ahsian, reveal a whole new level of gemstone information, and then take you a step further, allowing you to immedialtely apply that information to situations in your own life! The beautiful channeled artwork of The Crystal Ally Cards creates a field of energetic resonance with the user, allowing you to use the cards to divine current and future life issues, work a path of personal spiritual growth, or heal yourself and others through the application of crystal energies. These powerful images combine digital stone photography with original visionary art, to create dynamic energetic tools for inner exploration! But the uniqueness and the beauty of this system doesn't stop at the cards. The crystal Ally Cards companion guide contains groundbreaking new information on:
* Crystal Resonance Therapy, from the creator of the system
* The metaphysical properties of stones and crystals
* Affirmations, meditations and exercises for personal growth
* Connecting with your Crystal and Elemental guides
* Using the cards as healing and divination tools

Set includes 55 full colour 6" x 4" divination and meditation cards, plus a 286 page guide containing original information, affirmations, meditations, exercises, and more!

Price: NZ$75.00