Purpurite, Tumbled

These Purpurite stones have been tumbled but not polished, so they are smooth but not shiny. This is the first time we have had Purpurite tumbled, it is normally seen in its natural state. This beautiful purple stone comes from Namibia. It is never found in a crystalline state, only in massive form, that is, as a rock. It usually has at least one face that looks iridescent. It is a manganese phosphate mineral and it is the manganese in it that gives it the beautiful purple colouring. It is now classified as a rare mineral.

Country of origin: Namibia
Size: 28mm - 35mm
Metaphysical attributes: Purpurite helps one speak with confidence and to verbalize your thoughts clearly. The violet flame energy increases spirituality, promotes inner growth, and stimulates the ability to absorb spiritual insights. Purpurite is also a stone that can bring prosperity and help with finances.

Price: NZ$12.00