Iguanodon Bone


These are genuine pieces of Iguanodon bone. Iguanodon is the name of a small group of dinosaurs within the much larger group called Iguanodontids; they were large herbivores, with a long tail for balance, and hind legs that were longer than their fore limbs. There were three large hooved toes on each foot, and four fingers and a thumb spike on each hand. The mouth had a battery of chewing teeth, and a boney beak in place of front teeth. Since its initial discovery in the early nineteenth century, and more detailed reconstructions after complete skeletons were found in a Belgian mine in 1878, scientists have been forced to re-evaluate its posture, shape and movement; and to look again at how it fits in with other members of the Iguanodontids. Fossil remains from the group show they existed from the late Jurassic through to the late Cretaceous.

Country of origin: Found in Wealden Clay, on the Isle of Wight, UK
Size: 40mm - 50mm
Age: 120myo

Price: NZ$24.00